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The Pool Building Process

Step 1: Utilities Mark Out. Underground lines of utilities like water, power, and gas are marked out.

Step 2: Pool Layout. We discuss the pool installation with the homeowner and finalize the pool layout.

Step 3: Dig. We dig the site and fit a stone bed to strengthen and support the gunite swimming pool. Then, we set up a wooden rebar framework as per the pool design.

Step 4: Steel Installation. The structural steel reinforcement placed over bricks in the entire dup-up site acts as a skeleton to the pool.

Step 5: Plumbing. The jets, skimmers, and drains are laid out for your approval. Then, we add electrical wiring.

Step 6: Gunite Shell. The gunite pool shell is sprayed onto the steel reinforcement.

Step 7: Tile and Coping. We add the perimeter tile, coping over the gunite bond beam, and decking around the pool.

Step 8: Concrete Patio. Pool circulation, heating, and filtration equipment is added.

Step 9: Plaster. The last step is to apply a waterproof pool interior finish. We also ensure that the surroundings are correct by working closely with you on the landscape design.

The construction of gunite swimming pools often refers to the pneumatical application of a “concrete mixture” that forms a thick, durable pool shell that will last for years to come.

Concrete is a versatile material preferred by pool owners all over America for decades. Its porous qualities, design options, and overall configuration give gunite swimming pools a range of structural strength that raises them above the pack – as compared to vinyl liner or fiberglass pools.

With a gunite pool, your private aquatic resort can take on virtually any size, shape, depth, or configuration, providing the ultimate versatility for pool design.

Ultimate Pools is among the state's top pool builders who have been building custom, concrete in-ground, or gunite swimming pools for over two decades. We excel at turning backyard dreams into reality with our exceptional service, design, and installation.

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